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Author(s):   Lewis, D.K.; Bergmann, J.; Manjoney, R.; Paddock, R.; Kaira, B.L.
Title:   Rates of reactions of cyclopropane, cyclobutane, cyclopentene, and cyclohexene in the presence of boron trichloride
Journal:   J. Phys. Chem.
Volume:   88
Year:   1984
Reference type:   Journal article
Squib:   1984LEW/BER4112

Reaction:   CyclohexeneC2H4 + 1,3-Butadiene
Reaction order:   1
Temperature:   710 - 1190 K
Pressure:  4.93E-2 - 2.00 bar
Rate expression:   1.41x1015 [s-1] e-278487 [J/mole]/RT
Bath gas:   Ar
Category:  Experiment
Data type:   Absolute value measured directly
Pressure dependence:   None reported
Excitation technique:   Thermal
Time resolution:   By end product analysis
Analytical technique:   Gas chromatography
Comments:   Two experimental set-ups were used: experiments at 710-748 K and 37-53 torr were performed in a static reactor, while the shock tube methodology was used at 966-1190 K with shock pressures of about 2 atm. The rate parameters are from the literature but provide a reasonable fit to the present data.

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Rate constant values calculated from the Arrhenius expression:

T (K)k(T) [s-1]
710 4.59E-6
725 1.22E-5
750 5.68E-5
775 2.40E-4
800 9.25E-4
825 3.29E-3
850 1.09E-2
875 3.35E-2
900 9.70E-2
925 2.65E-1
950 6.87E-1
975 1.70E0
1000 4.01E0
1025 9.07E0
1050 1.97E1
1075 4.15E1
1100 8.42E1
1125 1.66E2
1150 3.16E2
1175 5.88E2
1190 8.42E2