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Author(s):   Pratihar, S.; Ma, X.; Xie, J.; Scott, R.; Gao, E.; Ruscic, B.; Aquino, A.J.A.; Setser, D.W.; Hase, W.L.
Title:   Post-transition state dynamics and product energy partitioning following thermal excitation of the F center dot center dot center dot HCH2CN transition state: Disagreement with experiment
Journal:   J. Chem. Phys.
Volume:   147
Year:   2017
Reference type:   Journal article
Squib:   2017PRA/MA144301

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Rate expression:  k(T) = A (T/298 K)n e-Ea/RT
Rate expression units:
First order:  s-1
Second order:  cm3/molecule s
Third order:  cm6/molecule2 s
R = 8.314472 J / mole K
Energy Units J   Molecular Units Molecule
Pressure Units bar   Temperature Units K
Base Volume Unit cm   Reference Temperature 298.0
Evaluation Temperature 298.0

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Plot   Squib   Reaction   Temp [K]   A   n   Ea [J/mole]   k(298.00 K)   Order
    2017PRA/MA144301   CH3CN + ·FCH2CN + HF  300                  2

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