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Accessibility information
Author(s):   Rudic, S.; Murray, C.; Harvey, J.N.; Orr-Ewing, A.J.
Title:   The product branching and dynamics of the reaction of chlorine atoms with methylamine
Journal:   Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.
Volume:   5
Page(s):   1205 - 1212
Year:   2003
Reference type:   Journal article
Squib:   2003RUD/MUR1205-1212

Reaction:   CH3NH2 + ·ClHCl + CH2NH2
Reaction order:   2
Reference reaction:   CH3NH2 + ·ClHCl + CH3NH
Reference reaction order:   2
Rate expression:   4.8x10-1±7.0x10-2
Category:  Experiment
Data type:   Relative rate value measured
Pressure dependence:   None reported
Experimental procedure:   Other
Excitation technique:   Flash photolysis (laser or conventional)
Time resolution:   In real time
Analytical technique:   Other (direct)
Comments:   The experimental apparatus makes use of two laser systems and a time-of-flight mass spectrometer ((TOF-MS). Chlorine atoms were generated by laser photolysis of Cl2 at 355 nm to produce ground spin-orbit state Cl(2P3/2) atoms almost exclusively. A second laser probed the HCl or DCl products by 2+1 resonance enhanced multi-photon ionization (REMPI) after a time delay of 150 ns, with the resultant ions separated by mass in the TOF-MS. The probe laser wavelength was scanned to obtain spectra of the rotational structure. The authors were able to extract branching ratios from the rotational state distributions of the nascent HCl and DCl products.

Reported uncertainties are one standard deviation.

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