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You may submit both older articles that may have been missed as well as newer publications. We encourage you to submit your own works as soon as they are available. Please note that articles must be officially published prior to abstraction; works in progress are not included in this database.

We appreciate your help in keeping the NIST Kinetics Database both current and complete. To request that kinetics data from an article be abstracted, please fill out one or both of the fields below. Citations may be given in any reasonable citation style, e.g. as plain text, as a URL, or as a digital object identifier (DOI). While it is not required, if you would like to upload a copy of the article, preferably as a PDF file, you may do so below. Please make sure you are not violating any copyright restrictions.

Thank you again for your help with updating the NIST Kinetics Database.

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No personal information is required in order to request that we include an article in the Kinetics Database. However, by providing contact information below, you make further communication possible if additional information is needed.


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