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Kinetics data has been abstracted from the literature by the following:
  • Jeffrey A. Manion
  • Robert E. Huie
  • R. D. Levin
  • D. R. Burgess Jr.
  • V. L. Orkin
  • W. Tsang
  • W. S. McGivern
  • J. W. Hudgens
  • V. D. Knyazev
  • D. B. Atkinson
  • E. Chai
  • A. M. Tereza
  • C.-Y. Lin
This database is based on the previous Windows version of this database by:
  • W. G. Mallard
  • F. Westley
  • J. T. Herron
  • R. F. Hampson
  • D. H. Frizzell
The software that runs this web site is developed by:
  • Thomas C. Allison

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This database is the result of a long-term project at NIST (formerly the National Bureau of Standards, NBS) to collect and make available kinetic data on gas-phase reactions.  The objective was initially on reactions important in combustion.  It was then expanded to include atmospheric reactions and presently includes essentially all reported gas-phase kinetics studies involving elementary reactions.

The previous version of this database was:  NIST Standard Reference Database 17.