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Records   Reaction
1 record matched Fe(CO)3(N2) → N2 + Fe(CO)3
4 records matched Fe(CO)5 + Fe(CO)3 → Fe2(CO)8
1 record matched N2 + Fe(CO)3 → Fe(CO)3(N2)
1 record matched (E)-CH2=CHCH=CHCH3 + Fe(CO)3 → Adduct
1 record matched H2 + Fe(CO)3 → H2Fe(CO)3
1 record matched CO + Fe(CO)2 → Fe(CO)3
2 records matched CO + Fe(CO)3 → Fe(CO)4
1 record matched CH2=CHCH2CH=CH2 + Fe(CO)3 → Adduct
1 record matched (CH3)3CCH=CH2 + Fe(CO)3 → Fe(CO)3(neohexene)
1 record matched C2Cl4 + Fe(CO)3 → Fe(CO)3(C2Cl4)
1 record matched (C2H5)3N + Fe(CO)3 → Products
1 record matched C2F4 + Fe(CO)3 → Fe(CO)3(CF2=CF2)
1 record matched CH3CH=CH2 + Fe(CO)3 → Fe(CO)3(η2-CH3CH=CH2)
1 record matched C2H4 + Fe(CO)3 → Fe(CO)3(C2H4)

Search returned 18 records.