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The NDRL/NIST Solution Kinetics Database contains data on rate constants for solution-phase chemical reactions.  The database is designed to be searched by reactants, products, solvents, or any combination of these.  In addition, the bibliography may be searched by author name, title words, journal, page(s), and/or year.  Present converage of the literature is throught early 1995.

The database presently contains 23,675 distinct records with a total of 29,141 rate constants.  The database contains 156 unique solvents in which rate constant data are reported (this does not include mixtures of solvents).  These data were gathered from 3920 unique data sources.  The database contains more than 11,500 unique chemical species most of which have chemical formulae and CAS numbers.  A database of more than 32,000 chemical names gives primary and alternate names for the compounds in the database.